There’s more to Rugby than the four white lines…

This season the False Bay 1st XV players decided to reach out to local community. With their perspective that’s there’s more to Rugby that just the four white lines, the player’s set about becoming role models within their community and giving back.

What better cause than Miracle Kidz Safe House for abused and abandoned children.

Friday afternoons are now spent running around and playing fun-filled rugby games with these special kids.

Miracle Kidz purely survives through donations and the support of community. So the False Bay Players would like to use this opportunity to ask for your support of their little buddies and assist in whatever financial means possible.

The players will be on hand at this Weekend’s Gold Cup Final ,False Bay Rugby Club, with collections buckets for the Kids.

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated by the players and kids.

“The idea was to become role models in our community and make even the just the smallest difference, little did we know how much of a difference these kids would make in us”.
Graham Knoop (1st XV Captain)

Any financial assistance is greatly appreciated.


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