How appropriate and awesome is this day for us here at Miracle Kidz Safe House.

Our geyser burst last week and in true Superhero Style Shane and his crew at Trojan Plumbing Cape Town are here today to install our new geyser.

Shane and all the guys and girls at Trojan Plumbing here is a massive big hug from all of us here at Miracle Kidz to each and every one of you!!


Call Trojan Plumbing Today 072 165 3066 BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED!

There’s an unsung hero that has brought us the warmth and comfort of life as we know it. Every day they work to ensure that you have water flowing to your home, that your toilet washes away the unmentionable results of being human, and that your clothes can both be washed, and take away the dirt that had soiled them. Hug A Plumber Day reminds us to sing the praises of these important men and women who make sure that modern living remains clean.

History of Hug A Plumber Day

The history of plumbers goes back to the birth of internal plumbing and sewers, and are responsible for the spread of civilization away from naturally occurring bodies of fresh water. Initially, they worked to ensure that all of the wastewater from a community was piped into the river or ocean the community was built on, but as time and infrastructure improved, they built massive pipelines that brought fresh water inland and moved sewage away to treatment plants where it could be passed into natural waterways.

The most visible, and arguably one of the most important, variety of plumbers are those who service all the homes in a community. When you have a leak in your home, you call the plumber. Is your toilet plugged and the plunger just isn’t doing the job? You call a plumber. Building a new home and need to make sure it’s all piped correctly? Plumbers are there to make sure your home will remain comfortable for years to come! Hug A Plumber Day reminds you that you have many of your modern comforts because of their tireless efforts, and giving them a hug is the least you can do to thank them!

How to celebrate Hug A Plumber Day

Hug A Plumber Day is remarkably easy to celebrate! You just need to find your local plumbers, gird yourself against the smell that often comes with such an unsavory job, and wrap them up in a big hug to thank them for doing the job that so few people will! Every time you take a shower, wash your hands, get a glass of water, or flush the toilet, you have a plumber to thank. Hug A Plumber Day is a great time to remember these heroes and the efforts they put forth each and every day.


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