This morning I sat down and wanted to cry… because I was fighting in court today for 2 Kiddies with Cerebral Palsy to come and have a chance at care and a better life at Miracle Kidz. Emotionally drained I prayed to God to help me to secure a future for these 2 children. 

Got home and to my surprise a whole house full of stuff to start our care-center  for children with cerebral palsy.

Miracles and Angels are real! Today 2 Miracle Angels ( Ryan and Angie) came as if they were sent to fulfill a need that I was praying about.

Angie and Ryan you ROCK! I just want to thank you for the beds, fridge, washing machine and other stuff. We are truly blessed!! We want to open a house for children with special needs, and we will use it the new house. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ☺

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