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    Tickets for the Annual Miracle Kidz Safe House Comedy Charity Fundraiser are now on Sale. This year's show will be our biggest one to date! With a global audience. Show some Love by supporting this fundraiser. Miracle Kidz provide care for abused, abandoned and neglected babies and toddlers. Click On the image for more information and to buy tickets.

COVID Fundraiser

With the current limitations imposed on public gatherings because of the corona virus, here are just a few ways in which you can help and support Miracle Kidz Safe House.:

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FAQ: What does it cost to run Miracle Kidz Safe House monthly?

  One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our loyal supporters is: What does it cost to run Miracle Kidz Safe House monthly? This is a great question as it gives us the opportunity to share with you the financial side of running a Safe House as…

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Elsie Running To Raise Funds For Miracle Kidz Safe House

  Elsie du Plessis the Founder of Miracle Kidz Safe House will be putting her takkies to the tar to raise funds for her life’s Passion the vulnerable kiddies that share her home. You can sponsor her every step by donating as little as R10 per meter that she will…

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Miracle Cookies Made By Miracle Kidz

Miracle Cookies Made By Miracle Kidz; today Elsie and the Kiddies, made a batch of awesomely delicious home made cookies. The cookies are expertly crafted in the shape of the kiddies hands and feet. Made from scratch by Elsie’s own loving hands;sprinkled with heaps and heaps of love from all…

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Come Wine With Us – Fundraising Event

The Giving Hand presents a Fundraising Event in aid of Miracle Kidz Safe House: Wine Tasting  Where: Alphen Hall When:  Main Road Constantia When: 1 July 2016 Time: 19:00 to 21:30 If you are a Wine Farmer/Merchant and you would like to sell your wine at this event…Please email us…

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Fund a Meal – Sponsor a Young Life

Last month we kicked off our Fund-a-Meal Debit Order  Project – Thank you to all the Miracle Angels who have already signed up for the R90 a month Debit Order. Your generosity is what keeps us going!  R90 can buy you a Burger Meal  & a Coke, sure – but for…

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MK Volunteer making a difference from Germany!

Maren Iske is an extraordinary young lady. After Volunteering and staying with us here at Miracle Kidz Safe House, she made it her personal Mission to spread the word about the work we do here at MK. Maren recently organized a Fund Raising Event in her Home Town –  in Garching…

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Thanks a Meallion!

Here at Miracle Kidz Safe House we feed 1 child  on average 93 meals a month…excluding snacks in between.That’s 3 meals a day…breakfast,lunch and supper every single day. The government grant we receive as set out in the latest budget by the Finance Minister is R28 ( South African Rand)…

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