Our Home is always filled with Faith & Love. However, the house is an old house that continuously needs TLC and maintenance. We have a number of projects that we are aiming to raise funds for. Any Corporate companies, Businesses, and Individuals wanting to get involved in providing or raising funds as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives are welcome to contact or email us 

Current CSI/CSR projects:

  • Palisade Fence around the property
  • Painting 1 room
  • Tiling the floor area of the house
  • Artificial Grass in the backyard areas
  • Paving the driveway
  • Install an additional toilet in the bathroom
  • Install additional Security Cameras on the property.
  • Repair the roof ( insolation and leaks)
  • New flat screen TV for the family room ( court yard)

Long-term CSR/CSI  projects:

  • Sponsor a child’s school fees & education needs
  • Sponsor full-time Home-school Teacher Salary
  • Sponsor Occupational Therapy for a child
  • Sponsor a child with Sport Lessons
  • Sponsor a Job-Shadow program for a child