Here at Miracle Kidz Safe House we feed 1 child  on average 93 meals a month…excluding snacks in between.That’s 3 meals a day…breakfast,lunch and supper every single day. The government grant we receive as set out in the latest budget by the Finance Minister is R28 ( South African Rand) per day, per child.

 Altough our Faith is strong and we definitely believe in Miracles, it’s a massive ask to feed a child 3 meals a day on just R28 or £1 and a penny a day.

If you would like to fund 1 meal for a child please feel free to click on the Donate tab here on our website for our banking details. If you ask 2 more friends to join you for a deposit of R90 we can feed 1 child for a day. If you would like to Sponsor a child on a permanent basis please consider doing a monthly debit order for as little as R90 per month…We will then be able to feed 1 child for a day with your help.

R90 is 2 movie tickets a month to most of us but it can also make a huge difference to 1 little tummy a month…

It’s not compulsory to do a monthly debit order…All we ask is that you consider it and if it is in your heart to give and within your means Miracle Kidz can keep on doing the work that we do. Thanks a Meallion ?unnamed

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