MK is proud to announce that in the red corner we have …..André ‘The North London Nutter’ Baldeo!

Andre has been a supporter of Miracle Kids for 4 years and is also on the committee. He has undertaken 3 months of grueling training in order to partake in a white collar charity boxing match which is taking place on 23rd of February at the Cape Quarter.

André says “Initially MK was going to be the beneficiary for the event, but circumstantially it wasn’t to be. I was half way through the training, and didn’t want to quit so I thought I’d try and raise some money for the MK house independently. I thought that the analogy of boxing and the situation some of these children came from is very poignant. The kids at Miracle Kidz Safe House come from diverse communities with many socio-economic problems; alcoholism drug abuse domestic violence, incest, physical abuse and neglect to name but a few. Most of these kids are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and related spectrum disorders such as ADHD and face a lifetime of struggle as a result of permanent brain damage caused by drugs and alcohol which their parents consumed. These kids really were fighting for their lives, fighting for survival.” These kids really were alone until Elsie and Thomas took them under their wing.

“It’s been quite a journey for me. This is the toughest training i’ve undertaken in my life, and I’m hurting, but the finale is in sight. My wife Becky has been very supportive, and she’ll be happy when I can have a beer again as i’ve been grumpier that usual! The 5 am starts to get to the boxing gym, the physio trips, special diet, sleepless nights, black eyes, sore muscles it’s really been one hell of a ride”

He adds”it would be great to raise some funds for the MK house to support the amazing work they do. Asides from the money, any more exposure they get would be fantastic. The good work of Elsie and Thomas needs to be publicized, and any help the MK house can get is always appreciated. Teachers , Nannies, Food…Miracle Kidz Safe House is a registered Non-Profit Organization that get a government grant of R27 per day per child in their care. From this grant they are expected to feed, clothes, provide medical care and shelter to all these vulnerable children. It stands to reason that they rely heavily on Public Donations and Fundraisers to make ends meet. To keep on doing the amazing work that they do at MK House requires R40000 every single month. Please visit for more information and to make a donation.

This is a cause very close to my heart and I am willing to fight my fists to the bone for these kids adds Baldeo with a determined look in his eyes.

Fight night is set for Thursday 23 February at the Cape Quarter. Tickets cost R150 per person.
Any Financial Donations may be paid directly into the registered Bank Account of Miracle Kidz Safe House a registered Non Profit Organisation in terms of section 18A of the ACT:

Bank Details:

FNB– Business Account

Account name: Miracle Kidz

Account number: 62504599103

Branch code: 200409

Reference: Your name

* Note: A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property made in kind to a section 18A approved organisation, is

entitled to a deduction from his taxable income…SARS


If you are an international supporter you may use Paypal for your donation. Simply  click on the Paypal icon below; fill in your details and the amount you would like to donate. Reference Fight for their lives.




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