One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our loyal supporters is: What does it cost to run Miracle Kidz Safe House monthly? This is a great question as it gives us the opportunity to share with you the financial side of running a Safe House as a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organization).

First, let us say Thank you to all of our partners and supporters. Because of your help, we have seen that there is a place of hope of love and a bright future for abused, abandoned and neglected babies and toddlers. That place is Miracle Kidz Safe House. To keep our doors open costs around R 40,000.00 ( or US$ 3220.00) per month

As you support these precious kids  they are receiving a future, a hope and a destiny. Thank you for joining us and becoming a partner with God in fulfilling James 1:27- For the best faith is to care Children and widows in their distress.

 The following is a snapshot of the Monthly Expenses of Miracle Kidz Safe House:

Rent R                    3 500,00
Bank Charges R                        322,00

Daily bread, milk, cheese, and groceries to feed children 3 Caregivers and 2 House parents

 R                    8 000,00

Over the counter meds such as cough mixture, cold and flu remedies, elasoplast, panado, vitamin tablets and emergency scripts.

 R                    4 000,00
Salaries & Wages

3 full-time Care Givers and a Driver

 R                  12 000,00
Petrol & Diesel

1 VW UP & 1 KIA Diesel Mini bus

 R                    2 500,00

Household and Car

 R                    1 500,00

Kids Birthdays, trips to the beach, movies etc.

 R                    1 500,00

DIY fixes around the house

 R                        900,00

Mugs, Cups, Plastics

 R                        250,00
Clothing R                        450,00
Vehicle Repairs R                    1 200,00
Staff Welfare

Cell phone vouchers and transport

 R                        650,00
Telephone & Internet

Cell phone and Telkom

 R                    1 150,00
School After Care R                        650,00
Extracurricular activities

Gymnastics for 3 Kiddies, Music Lessons, Dance Lessons

 R                    1 200,00

ADT Alarm

 R                        200,00
TOTAL R                  39 992,00

The reality is that your ability to help an abandoned child creates a future, a destiny and a difference between life and death. By your partnership with Miracle Kidz Safe House, you are helping us to continue doing our work in the community which we serve.

Please consider partnering up with Miracle Kidz Safe House  both in prayers and financially.

Any Financial Donations may be paid directly into the registered Bank Account of Miracle Kidz Safe House a registered Non Profit Organisation in terms of section 18A of the ACT:

Bank Details:

FNB– Business Account

Account name: Strand Miracle Kidz

Account number: 62504599103

Branch code: 200409

Reference: Your name

* Note: A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property made in kind to a section 18A approved organisation, is
entitled to a deduction from his taxable income...SARS

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