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    Tickets for the Annual Miracle Kidz Safe House Comedy Charity Fundraiser are now on Sale. This year's show will be our biggest one to date! With a global audience. Show some Love by supporting this fundraiser. Miracle Kidz provide care for abused, abandoned and neglected babies and toddlers. Click On the image for more information and to buy tickets.

Miracle Kidz Comedy4Charity 2019

MIRACLE KIDZ SAFE HOUSE Presents Comedy4Charity 2019 Join us on Sunday, 25 August 2019 for a laid-back afternoon show featuring a stellar line-up of South Africa’s comedy favourites as well as some rising stars, all of whom have generously donated their time to help raise funds for Miracle Kidz Safe House. “We invite…

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Foetal Alcohol Syndrome The Tragic Untold Story of Addiction & Neglect

Credits: WORDS Ellie Chesshire Source: https://capechameleon.co.za/foetal-alcohol-syndrome/ Foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a condition caused by drinking during pregnancy, affecting three million people throughout South Africa. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the mother, a child can be born with debilitating physical and mental disorders. As a result, these babies are…

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Comedy For Charity Event

    MIRACLE KIDZ SAFE HOUSE in association with THE GIVING HAND are  hosting a COMEDY for CHARITY Event. Join us for a relaxing funny afternoon show featuring a stellar line-up of South Africa’s Comedy Elite who has generously all donated their time to help raise funds for Miracle Kidz Safe House. The home is situated…

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FAQ: What does it cost to run Miracle Kidz Safe House monthly?

  One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our loyal supporters is: What does it cost to run Miracle Kidz Safe House monthly? This is a great question as it gives us the opportunity to share with you the financial side of running a Safe House as…

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Why Playing Team Sports Is Good for Kids With ADHD

Experts say the benefits outweigh the risk of injury.     A sport like soccer and rugby with constant action and movement may be better for a child with ADHD than ones with more downtime such as baseball or softball.  If you have a child or teenager with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,…

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Tumbling Rusks – Now Available In Our Online Store

Gymnastics is a big thing in the MK House! We currently have 3 of our kiddies that love tumbling around the house. All 3 of them take gymnastics as an extracurricular activity. As all our loyal supporter know we already have Simone heading for National Champs… Gymnastics is having such…

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