Our Mission

To provide a safe and loving temporary home to abused, abandoned and neglected children. Furthermore, to feed, clothe and attend to any medical requirements that are needed and introduce them to a family structure thus preparing them for the future.

Our small team  (Founder Elsie Du Plessis, and  3 caregivers)   ensure that the house is not  just a simple place for kids to eat and sleep, but rather a place to call home, make friends and even family. Known for its incredible work in the area, Miracle Kidz has become a notable part of the community who continue to offer their support.

How to help Aside from grocery and clothes donations, you can volunteer daily, helping out in any number of ways under guidance from the team. However, they do encourage you read up here a bit first on what to expect before you go to ensure everyone, including the kids, can feel comfortable. Companies can also do their bit by partaking in one of the current short-term (fencing the property, painting a room, tiling the floor, planting artificial grass, paving the driving) or long-term (sponsoring a child in a number of ways) projects available for corporate social investment .

Times: Monday  – Saturday, 10am – 3pm

Sunday, No Visitors 

How It All Started

It has always been my dream and desire to care for abandoned babies. I knew that one day I would care for little ones.

It all started in 1997 when a mom gave her very tiny 2 month old baby for us to care. The baby was placed in safe care with us for 2 months; thereafter he was placed in foster care with family.

A few years later we were approached again to take a child in safe care.

Then in 2004, we become foster parents to a little girl (who at the time was 18 months old), and a year later to a boy (then 5 months old).

In 2006 we decided to become full time safe care parents to help more children at a time in need of a safe place to stay and someone to care for them.

Thereafter we have cared for many babies and toddlers, who have been placed in foster care with other families. Some of them went back to their own families.

There is a great need for safe houses and people willing to care for these children. We are delivering a service to the community that makes a big difference in small people’s lives.Our safe house is not an institution where children live and are fed, cleaned etc – we have a homely atmosphere, we do not only see to it that they are fed and clothed, but also provide a loving temporary home to them. We tend to their illnesses, broken hearts and spirits.